Never Change Yourself For Someone Else

October 29, 2011
I want to stand up for myself. I want to be me, not someone else. But you never let me. You, of all people, judge me whenever I be myself. I was supposed to trust you. I loved you because you said you loved me, not the person you wanted me to be. You were supposed to love the real me. Why did you decieve me? Why can't I be me? Why can't you love me like before? Why must I be who I'm not? Please, if you loved me you would let me be me. But I guess I was wrong, wasn't I? You just wanted me to be someone else? I deserve someone who loves me for me. Not for what they want me to be. Not for what they want. I will not change for you. I will never change. If you don't like it, then I am sure someone else, who loves me for me, will come along. Then I will be happy. Because there is no way I am changing for someone who wants me to be someone else. No one should change for someone. If they want you to change into something else then you should let them go find the person they want. You shouldn't have to change for someone. This is from the thoughts of someone waiting for the right guy to come along who doesn't want to change her. Because she won't change herself to be accepted. Because she doesn't have to. Period. You are you. Never change that.

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