October 29, 2011
Shivering,you walk up to the door
vampire costume dragging on the ground
dreaming of candy galore,
seeing the inside you frowned
For inside the orange pumpkin bucket,
there are no treats inside,
shrug your shoulders, say 'screw' it,
its about time that somebody died
don't talk about bury the hatchet,
lets just take it and hack each other
instead of hit and run,we will run and hit,
and toss back and forth insults of 'your mother'
forget about witches and ghouls,
and all that other fake crap
that kind of stuff always dulls,
my Halloween fever like sap
i need the real kind of fright,
the sort that makes your hair raise
let's get it all out tonight,
the losers the one who pays
there is the Halloween spirit!
the presence that gives me the chills
with evil so loud you can hear it,
and hate that kills

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