The beasts

October 29, 2011
By soraway PLATINUM, Newmarket, New Hampshire
soraway PLATINUM, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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“Once the mind has been stretched by a new idea, it will never again return to its original dimensions.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

There are beasts in the valley
Horrible, wild beasts confined
By the high walls of the valley

There is no way up out of the valley.
The cliffs are too steep,
The terrain to rough
For the beasts to climb up
We are safe from the beasts in the valley

We are speeding towards the valley
And somehow we cannot stop

It is a miserable place in the valley
Nothing can live long there

At great speeds we are approaching the valley
And there is nothing to slow us down

And now we're on the edge of a cliff
The cliff that's the wall of the valley
Tipping, hanging. I close my eyes and clench my teeth
But no one takes notice at all
And soon we will fall

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