Don't Forget Me

October 29, 2011
By Nate Lane BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Nate Lane BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Laying here tonight, thinking
About the day we first met
I took one look into your breathtaking eyes
And I couldn't believe it
Because from the first moment I met you
I fell in love with you
I don’t believe it
Love at first sight is just a fairy tale
But here I am falling for you
More and more everyday
We became best friends
Just best friends
And I watched the way he treated you
I couldn't stand to see those tears,
Roll down your face
Whenever I saw one slowly,
Fall down your cheek
My heart broke in two
I was there for you
I cherished you
I held you for hours
Mending your broken heart
You were in love with him
Not me, Him
And I accepted that
But then I moved away from you
And realized how much I really loved you
You were my life
And I didn't even realize it
The first night we kissed,
It was phenomenal
But you didn't want it to happen
You told me that
And my heart dropped to the floor
But I stood by you
As your best friend
I always will be
Just your best friend
I’ll never give up on us
Me are you are the perfect match
You love me
You trust me
I make you happy
When no one else can
But you don’t like me
You like him
It tears me apart
But I want you happy,
So I’ll never interfere
I’ll stand by idly
Knowing I’m the one for you
If you just gave me one chance
To show you how happy,
I can really make you
We’d be happy forever
We’d be the cute old couples
Still in love
Holding hands walking through the park
It would be amazing
But I’m your best friend
Just your best friend
I’d move this earth to see you smile
I’d give up everything I had and more
Just to make you happy
And now you don’t want,
Anything to do with me
I messed up
I took out my stress on you
I don’t ever regret anything
In my life
But I regret the way I treated you,
More than anything
You deserve so much better
Than what I can give you
But my mom taught me that
If a life full of suffering
I’d rather suffer through it with you
Than suffer through it alone
Forgive me and I’ll do everything I can,
To make things better for the both of us
I promise on my life
I love you with my heart body and soul
Give me a chance to show that to you
And we’ll be the happiest couple alive
But if you want me to leave
And never turn back
I will do that, as long as it makes you happy
If that doesn't make you happy I’ll never give up on you
And one day, one day..
We’ll be that old couple
That we dream about
But whatever happens
All I ask baby
Is that you don’t forget me…

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