Gregory Lamar Daniels Jr.

October 29, 2011
By Poetic_License GOLD, Hendersonville, North Carolina
Poetic_License GOLD, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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He won.
That’s the only thought resounding in my heart.
Greg won.
Was it not just yesterday I saw him clowning and laughing
in the way that was all his own?
That smile that pushes through anything is the signature trademark
that everyone can recognize as you.
Your mere presence; your mere memory
Can turn our rain into sunshine any day.
Everyday. Forever.
Your name leaves such an impression in our souls.
Your eyes glitter with the very sparkle we need
to guide us through these tough times.
Yes we mourn. Our souls are in full control right now
so yes we cry
Greg Greg My God He’s Gone!
But eventually we will wipe our eyes.
We will gaze up at the stars.
And we will smile because those stars will be equivalent
to the energy and joy you bring to us.
And yes I speak in present tense because
As long as we know your name
Gregory Lamar Daniels Jr.
Our lives will be ok.
I say you win Greg
Because you’ve reached The Kingdom first.
So do me a favor.
Bow down to God and tell Jesus we love Him.
And we love you.
Always and Forever.
We love you.

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