October 28, 2011
By PaulMental GOLD, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
PaulMental GOLD, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"It's amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit."

People are frozen with fright
as our vicious frames enter their sight.
We strut as we show off
our ostentatious tentacles and tusks
which deter any questions regarding our
It's sweet
being a monster or a beast.
We seemed to have become both
revered and feared among our peers.
What we do is disgusting, rude
indolent, crude,
stupid, dumb,
but we sure have a lot of fun.
We go to class
to progress as scholars.
We don't copy answers
we share knowledge.
We gather
at the same table in the same room
as we did four years before.
Thank God we say
hi to each other in the hallways
so we never forget we exist.

We work all week to come together in the
intensity of a Saturday.
The sun radiates
upon the empty pavement of the street
for all cars have vacated from their proper domain.
Elderly neighbors transfer
from the recliner in the front of the
television to
the tranquil rocking chair
placed to face the window.
Screw high definition;
this is life definition.
Our passions ignite;
our abilities are scoffed;
our muscles become tight;
our souls are singed after loss
though we are the only ones who have
Our energy seems to be infinite,
like a game of ping pong where nobody misses,
as we bounce.
Our legs fly
as fast as our mouths
because some of us are just better
The season is coming to an end,
and after prominent plays
made in hundreds of games
over the course of our youth,
it will end permanently.

The universe is at our finger-tips
for we can participate in playful war
with the insertion of a disc.
We ignore
the deplorable state of the basement
because on screen, there's a
looming, beautiful universe.
We tote snipers in one hand
and trash talk in the other.
A kill doesn't require skill
unless its cause is the head being shot off.
Combating teams of alien hordes
isn't as hard as it seems
when you're backed by
a flock of friends.

Brothers 'till the end.

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