Because i love you

October 28, 2011
By Marie111e1 BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
Marie111e1 BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
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- i dont use excuses dont ask why...its just a breakdown it happens all the time so get out of my face dont even try you want to help me? dont even try.

smile with me and don't look at me in pitty i am as beautiful as the sky is blue and i don't need you too tell me other wise because you're the reason why i cry you're the reason why all my dreams have been crushed and I'm tired oh so tired of being put down because honey honestly I'm all good with out you. you see me smile because i want to show u how strong i am without you and how i can progress yes you had my heart and yes you tore it out of my chest and threw it too the ground I'm not surprised that it shattered into a million pieces and sadly with each and every piece i still love you. i know you don't feel the same and understand but i just wish we could have tried all our might too make our love last i wish we could be the same as we used to be but i know that will never be so I'm going to live my life and you live yours but all i have to say is i love you.

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