Rainy days

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I can’t pretend
That you aren’t on my mind
I don’t bother
To hide my feelings
Welling up on the inside
Or the teardrops
Running down my cheeks
Like the currents in the cobalt sea
I allow myself
To cry right along with the sky
And I still find myself wishing
That you were all mine
The sky opens its greying eyes
And drenches the earth with its tears
I let them soak me
I let regret saturate me
It seeps through my veins
And courses through my blood
Pounding on the walls of my heart
Screaming that I was wrong
And they were right all along
The storm harmonizes with my mood
It hums its thunder and snaps the lightning
As I cry that I have finally lost you
They warned me that it would happen
Lies rolling off their lips
Turned into truth penetrating into my soul
I can’t even feel my own tears
For the clouds have a bigger burden
They must carry the weight of the world
They cry louder and deeper than me
I splash through my tears
And catch my reflection staring at me
Reminding me that I must move on
Or drown in the tears of the world
So many in comparison
I put my mask of happiness
Squaring my shoulders
A walking towards sunshine
That slowly peeks its way
Around the sullen clouds
Lifting my mood
With each burst of its glorious rays
Whispering that hope is on its way

The author's comments:
Lately, all my friends have gone through some difficult breakups. I myself am tough enough to get over them, but this one guy really gets to me. I always find myself looking for him...even when i know he isn't there.

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