Around March

October 28, 2011
It’s a Monday, a day i despise much

But there’s nothing that can be changed

The day’s too ordinary, will something come my way?

Good or bad? Either way i’ll remain neutral,

oblivious to the happenings

Something did come my way today,

At first the soft tick of a metronome

crescendoing imperceptibly through my mind,

the whispers reaching my head,

the pulse reaching my heart,

the echoes carried through my blood, all stops

And finally, the deafening tremble of my soul

How could this happen?

The finest apple sentenced to slowly wither by poison,

the Monarch’s ripped wings, she can’t fly anymore

I ask for an anwer, i pray above all

Why her, she’s Faithful, almost sinless.

Please don’t take her away, not yet

She’s my best friend, don’t crush her dreams,

a year is too little, it’s cut too short

Please take care of her, don’t let her die,

and let her know she’s got a friend in me and that i’ll be by her side

i love her.

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