War's Crushing Hands

October 28, 2011
The plane was already there
He had to say goodbye
And as he looked around him
Not a single eye was dry
He hugged his parents first
His wife of 8 years last
He could not help but notice
That her eyes were like stained glass
He took his baby girl
And said daddy will come back
But this he could not promise
For nothing was in fact

Then sounded the bell
It was time for him to board
He was being flown to hell
To face an awful horde
On the mantle stood his picture
With a candle that burned bright
But little did they know
That it would turn to an awful sight
Where once stood family photos
Now hung a purple heart
Forever missing inside them
Was a major part

He was never to return
He served his country well
His family left in mourning
For at the hands of war he fell

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