Nothing Compares

October 28, 2011
It breaks through the silence.
A loud Bang! That would jar anyone else’s nerves,
But for me it sends a different message to my brain.
Its not a time to think about it twice.
I start to pick up my feet and it looks like I am running for my life.

It all seems so fast paced when you first start out,
Then time slows and seems to move at a crawl.
You begin to lose your breath and feel a pain deep in your chest,
And your legs feel like they could give out and fall.

I feel myself unable to retain my current pace,
And I tend to get nervous and look all around.
But I snap out of my paranoia and concentrate harder,
And think to myself about the current situation.
So, I push myself forward into my furthest physical limits.

You might see people passing you and moving farther ahead,
But you must remain calm and keep your cool.
It’s all about doing your own personal best,
And trying to forget what you believe other people can do.

I feel the cool autumn air embrace me,
And chill the sweat on my forehead.
I can hear the crowd cheering in the distance,
Sounding like sweet music to my ears.
The overpowering feeling of victory is so near.

You can finally see the finish in front of you.
I can’t think of exquisite work of art has ever looked as beautiful as this vision.
You hear a faint voice in your head quietly whisper to you,
“Nothing could ever feel this amazing, not even flight.”

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