Just Breathe

October 28, 2011
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I see the surroundings everyday.
The questions, the concerns.
Endless worries,
Consumed with the fear of judgment.
Scared to face the wrath of abuse.
Making sure every hair is perfect,
Tripping over every thought.
Pondering over every word before the timid shaking voice speaks.
I love you on the tip of her tongue,
Remembering the past she refrains.
Walking around paranoid, like a dog who’s been beat.
She looks over her shoulder after turning every corner,
Why go through this pain?
Because he really deeply cares.
Every word he speaks is another stab to her frail heart,
“Why can’t you do anything right?”
She fights the tears so he’ll never know she’s hurt.
“I don’t even know why I’m with you!”
She runs and hides as wet fire burns down.
Mad at the world, mad at herself.
Why has it come to this?
What has happened to the world?
She stops her distraught thinking to remember to breathe.
Just breathe.
It’s not hard to get away,
But it’s the fear of letting go.
Such a simplistic solution.
The weight of the world is off her shoulders,
She said goodbye to the pain.
Every pain and every turmoil she suffered through,
She remembered her simplistic thinking.
Just Breathe!

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