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October 28, 2011
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Life is full of ups and downs,

Like when a roller coaster is way up in the air.

Then, all of a sudden drops so low.

What keeps you strong?

There could be many things,

Your mom or sibling

Or even your friends.

Maybe, that special someone

Whatever or whomever it is,

You always have something pulling you through.

When things are good,

Enjoy it!

A sunny day,

Could be a good day

By just simply, being outside, walking around

Maybe, you enjoy going to see a movie with your friends.

Or if the day is rainy,

Be a kid again.

Go splash around in the mud puddles.

Or whatever you wish.

All of this could be good,

Just by knowing that you are alive and well

My point you ask?

Enjoy life!

Every single bit of it

It’s too short to waste.

I have seen miracles happen,

Sorrow spilled,

Laughter fill a room,

And violence.

But, no matter what

I stayed strong.

My sister and mom are my strength.

And yes, I run in the sunshine, and dance in the rain.

With no worries on my shoulders.

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