October 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I could feel it.
It was pulsing behind me, ready to spring.
The Unknown, the Future.
Running as fast as I can,
But there was no escape.
Claws reached out and tried to grab me,
Red eyes glinted like pits of fire.
The end was near.
The clock struck eleven.
It hastened its footsteps.
The struggle was a never ending war,
Life with Death.
I would not give in.
The soulless eyes mocked me, laughed at me.
The clock struck twelve.
The Thing stretched its mouth open.
Tomorrow beckoned.
I could not let go.
So many desires, so many memories left behind.
So many dreams wasted.
But it was fruitless to struggle.
Tomorrow opened its mouth wide.
It was time to let go.
A bright light shined from the hollows.
Tomorrow had triumphed.
Today was no more, because
It was Yesterday.

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