Lost in My Reflection

October 30, 2011
By ThatRandomKid SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
ThatRandomKid SILVER, Farmington, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
" Be careful not to put yourself up so high because sooner or later you have to come back down."
~The Mysterious Stranger

Lost in a room
Both white and pure
Windows cover every part.

So many choices
Only one I must choose
This one or that one
They all look the same.

That one is small though
But could it be the right one
Or is it?

As I look inside
I see me
Or at least I think so
It looks like me.

But as I look deeper
I see a new me
I close my eyes
And pretend its not real.

I then awake
And discover that I
Am who I choose to be
And I should never change.

The author's comments:
I wrote because I feel that sometimes we worry to much about or self-esteem, and fall into peer pressure only to find that the best of people should never need to change.

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