Make the Difference

October 30, 2011
The Constitution

Do you know what it does?

Do you know why it was made?

It was made to keep our country from what is happening today

It was made to keep our country from destruction

It was made to keep our country from the frightening future

That we have created for ourselves

We are digging our own graves

We are denying the Constitution

Our founding fathers had it right

If they saw us today

They would shake their heads in disappointment

People refuse to see the troublesome matters at hand

People don't want to hear that their future is ruined

People don't want to face the truth

But we the people can do something

We can't rely on others to fix the problem we started

We can't keep hiding from what evil is to come

But as a whole

We the people must make the difference

We are not defenseless

We are not helpless

We are independent

Let others hear your voice

Take the step

Take the chance

Take the risk

Because you alone

With the determination, the enthusiasm,

The honesty, the love, and the hope

Can make a difference

Show the world what you've got

Prove our future wrong

If we all work together

We can do it

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