This is how I feel

October 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I’ am so glad
That am no longer sad
I’m was here to stay
So why blow me away

Why your so mad?

Sometimes we act like clowns
We have our up and downs
I’m so in love with you
I’m okay no more frowns
This feeling feels like the flu

No more tears
I cleaned out my ears
I don’t care what my girls say
It’s a brand new day
My mind is clear

So why am I scared
You mean the world to me
This love is rare
Why cant you see
I will always care

Sometimes I try to hide
The pain I sometimes feel inside
I’m hurt and I try not to cry
Yet you’re right here beside
Me, don’t ever say goodbye
So tell me who was she?

Love only me

Seeing is believing
My heart is still healing

Love is blind
Your eyes will always shine

It took long enough
For me to trust

I hate the word boo
I’m not a fool

Are you sure
This love wont cause pain anymore?
My love is so pure

This love is no longer a fear

The author's comments:
i just put things together that make me feel sad and the pain i feel between my realtionship

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