November 1, 2011
By rss56 GOLD, Brookline, Massachusetts
rss56 GOLD, Brookline, Massachusetts
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Don't know about you
but it seems to me
that the writing on the wall
has been written in invisible ink
or maybe I'm just on the wrong side
because over here
all I can see
are a bunch of cracked bricks.

And maybe the elephant in the room
doesn't care much for irony
and it's down at the zoo
eating peanuts
because if I were an elephant
I probably wouldn't care much
for overripe metaphors

So stop pretending
that the layers of the onion
have already been peeled back
and I'm the one
who's lost in the dark
listening to the fat lady sing
and just admit
that even you
don't know
what the hell
is going on.

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