Deadly Mistake

November 1, 2011
By WolfPrinceNajar BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
WolfPrinceNajar BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
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You think to yourself, “Why do this now?”
The voice in your head, “Why not just take a bow?”
You answer aloud, “Because that wouldn’t be fun.”
You’re standing outside, 40th floor in the sun
You take a deep breath, and yell down below
“Is this what you want, did you come for a show?!”
The people look up, amazed to see
The suicidal face, staring down with glee
You stare down below, straight to the ground
You reach for your chest, just to feel your heart pound
You step to the edge, care-ful not to slip
People look up, hoping you’ll trip
As you stare off the metal cliff, your body goes stiff
Your body is stiff, your senses are numb
You fall over the edge, feeling slightly dumb
When a pair of arms catch you, not but a floor down
As you look at her face, you notice a frown
The next thing you notice, is that she’s the one
The one that you’ve known, the one that you love
She caught you so easily, like a ball in a glove
She spoke just a few words, about how this unfurled
“To the world you are one, but to one you’re the world”

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