October 27, 2011
By mysticXmarker SILVER, Reno, Nevada
mysticXmarker SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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I think I know what I should believe
In myself and in my morals
I think I know, but they tell me “no”
I should think different

I think I understand why I live this way
because of my actions and choices
I think I see how to change this
but they tell me it's Fate

I think I want to disagree
to believe for myself what is true
I think I can create for myself
“it is not my place”

I think they want me to conform
to ideals set by the invisible
I try not to think about it
and just feel what they do

I try not to think or question
how these people know so surely
that a belief can be infallible
or a theory blasphemous

I think it is impossible
to understand a ghost
I think it ludicrous to suppose
that an idea could be God

The author's comments:
My family has very eclectic views on religion, and sometimes discussions can get a little heated. I find that in most cases, I simply cannot believe that their versions of God can be so different, yet so alike. And yet one is right over the other? In my opinion: no.

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