October 27, 2011
By mysticXmarker SILVER, Reno, Nevada
mysticXmarker SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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The man with crooked teeth
as he shifts his weight
from foot to foot
His skin is pallid and
with a greenish hue,
and yet the way he moves
makes him seem so

But he looks dead

I can't decide if it
scares me or
fascinates me
Really, I just fell

The man grins large and wide
with too many teeth
and tells me
as he sways:

“There once was a man
with no face
He felt empty
and alone
so he skinned the flesh
off another's face and
placed it on
his own
When they found him
he was truly
a hollow man”

He says the last line
long and slow,
like he's savoring the taste
of the phrase
on his tongue
And so he laughs,
and in his laugh I see
the skin
stained and torn
slathered on the man's face
Cold and dead,
he lies in a pool of warm blood
The man reaches out to me
still grinning

I wake up

The author's comments:
I am often woken up by dreams such as these. I find that I have--or at least, only remember--nightmares that remain with me for longer than my initial awakening. I don't mind so much, anymore. I've come to enjoy having nightmares, as at least they are always interesting.

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Lia692 said...
on Mar. 27 2012 at 8:10 am
Lia692, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Life should be viewed from afar and lived from close up."

Wow. Powerful visuals.

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