Look at this human leg

October 27, 2011
Look at this human leg hanging from the moon
I believe that it came from the sea
where all the strangest things come from
or maybe it has a twin
and perhaps they are trying to get back to each other
But they can't
Because one is in the sea
And the other is hanging from the moon
And they know they are twins
and not just two random entities
Because they are wearing the same shoes
They are wearing Man's shoes
But they are Women's legs
And they are lonely without each other
With no one to talk to
But seaweed
And the man in the moon
and they are not very interesting people
I guess they will have to make a compromise
The two legs
Should they go to the moon
or the sea?
Or somewhere else entirely?
But wherever they go
They will be happy
Because they are together

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