When I Am Gone

October 27, 2011
When I am gone,
build a ladder with my bones
and climb up to the moon
then carve my name into its side
and leave it there so I can be a part of night

When I am gone,
fold up my dreams into paper boats
and set them to sail across the pond
so that even if they sink,
at least they got to see the world.

When I am gone,
you can keep my laughs
in Tupperware, and get them out
when you need to remember
how they worked.

When I am gone,
hide notes for me inside old shoes
and throw them over the telephone wire
I promise I will read them.

When I am gone,
drink all my words
and see how strong they really are
when you are passed out drunk in the snow
don't leave any leftover,
I want them forgotten.

When I am gone,
don't miss me too much
I am just a ladder climb away
sitting cross legged in the bowl of the moon.

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