Summer Haven

October 27, 2011
By bones1 BRONZE, Edgewood, Michigan
bones1 BRONZE, Edgewood, Michigan
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I hear the jet skis humming by in the horizon of the setting sun
The dying waves crash along the innumerable specks of sand that form the beach
The vast water of Lake Michigan is ablaze-
with blinding shades of orange and yellow from the rapidly descending sun
The cottage sits up high atop a bluff-
Serving as a lookout over the big blue landscape that stretches farther than the eye can see
The laughing of my cousins engaged in a volleyball grudge match wafts up towards the cottage
It surrounds my summer safe haven, protecting me from all the darkness in the world
The beach loungers are getting put away as firewood is gathered
Soon the smell of roasted marshmallows and melted Hershey's has filled the air
The sun is gone resting up for another summer day
O'cottage how I wish to be with you once again

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