i come from

October 27, 2011
By aleah cohill BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
aleah cohill BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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I come from …

I come from hard times and immense struggle,
I come from a white farmhouse and abandon tree house on the edge of the lake,
I come from bad experiences and scary stories I swore were real,
I come from the unknown adventures of power puff girls and the mysteries of Scooby doo.

I come from a super human mom and a do my best dad,
I come from “Be grateful of what you do have because others might not have it.”
I come from the quiet nobility that every thing is going to be okay.

I come from the musky smell of old books at a library,
I come from the sirens of an ambulance that’s now a lullaby to sleep,
I come from the uplifting rapid hums of music and the mysterious story of a book.

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