What am I?

October 27, 2011
I am independent,
Yet I can have many needs.
I have many smiles,
But I shed many tears.
I have many wounds,
But I heal many people.
I love many people,
And I am loved by many.
I am there for everyone,
But sometimes I don’t know who is there for me.
I am young,
But I have learned a lot.
I can be stubborn,
At least I go for what I want.
I try to make everyone happy…
Somehow that usually means I cannot be.
I put others before myself.
Sometimes I sacrifice too much.
I am silly and I make mistakes.
I am serious and I try to make a difference.
I think everything happens for a reason.
Life is always changing,
And one person can touch many peoples’ lives.
I am not perfect by far,
But I am me.
I am only human.
I am just one woman in the world,
However I can be the world to some.
One person can be so much.
Maybe it’s me…
My eyes tell all of the dreams of who I am.
What do you see inside of me?

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