October 27, 2011
By , Clarkston, MI

You condemned me to burn for eternity.
You sentenced me to wither in the jet black flames,
And blazing flat plains you call Hell.
You proclaimed that
I was beneath you,
And resented me for my beliefs.
Saying that you were such a better person, simply
For our differences in a single aspect.

I could live a charitable life,
I could work for the benefit of others, I could
Give everything away,

And still,
I would be beneath you.

You could be a monster with twisted ivory horns,
You could be a tyrant who rules through fear
You could be a drunkard, stumbling through newspaper strewn alleys.

And still,
I would be beneath you.

You look at me attempting to empathize,
But soon that empathy turns to resentment
As you convince yourself
That you can’t understand.
As if its all a barbaric concept. As if
I was the perfect evil.
As if I was all that you could be,
All that you might be.
As if I was your very image of malevolence, trickery, and deceit.
As if I was a vessel for the Devil.

Inspired you to “save” me,
Inspired you to “redeem” me,
Inspired you to “purify” me, and
To reconcile my “sins.”

I turned down your efforts,
Rejected your offers,
Refused all your attempts.

For in my eyes you are
The one that needs saving.
In my eyes
You are the victim.

In my eyes you are the one taken in by greed,
Gluttony, envy, lust pride, wrath, and sloth
You have been taken in by all of these things,
And willingly
You accepted it.

You accepted it because you trusted a man to lead you.
You trusted a figure clad in robes of black and white.
A man that carried a strange hat atop his head,
And a book in his hand written in an ancient script.
You gave yourself over to him.
And into your mind he carved his ideas,
His views, and his beliefs.
He carved them into you like
A sculptor carves a maple.
You accepted these ideas and carried them on.
You carried them on and allowed the madness
And misshapen views to be continued.

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