leaving it all behind

October 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I think about
ending it all
retiring from my moments of misery
abandoning everything I know.

I think about
eternal slumber
forever asleep.
peaceful dreams.

Leaving it all behind.
solving all my problems.
no worries.
nothing matters.
all is forgotten.

I think about
leaving my family
my friends
everything I have ever known.
leaving it all behind.

It would be so much easier that way.
so much easier
to just drift off
and never wake up.

No more tears.
no more kisses.
no more love.
no more anything.

It would be so much easier,
to just disappear.
leave behind,
all my stress.
all my happiness.
all my everything.

I couldn’t do it.
I couldn’t leave.
I couldn’t abandon my family.
my friends.
my life.

I can’t.
I won’t.
at least I hope not.

Sometimes I’m close.
so, so close.
to ending it all.
leaving everything behind.
everything I have ever known.
just forgetting about it.

I don’t think I will.
I couldn’t.
but in those rare moments,
when life becomes hell,
and I cannot take one more bit
of all the stress I have to put up with.
I think about it.
I think about leaving it all behind.

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