Okay Yes...

October 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Okay yes, maybe i failed your test

Okay yes, i may be clincally depressed

Okay yes, maybe i want to die

Okay yes, maybe i like to cry

Okay yes, maybe i dont desverse you

But honestly, i want you to be my boo

Okay yes, maybe i sometimes treat you bad

Okay yes, sometimes i make you sad

Okay yes, i may not be the best

Okay yes, you have better options among the rest

Okay yes, i admit that you i dont let you see

But i have to admit, your the only one for me

Okay yes, maybe i dont want to try

Okay yes, maybe i dont want to be your guy

Okay yes, maybe im lying

Okay yes, inside im dying

But when i ask you to be my girl today

Please say yes...okay?


The author's comments:
Wrote this poem for a girl...

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