A Simple Love Poem

October 19, 2011
By Jaechan PLATINUM, New City, New York
Jaechan PLATINUM, New City, New York
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It's like you've come from some far away lands
Onto the shore and stepping on the sands
Of the island which I've long slumbered in
It was eternal darkness filled with sin
There were many stars that all shined dimly
But you've become the sun that burns brightly
You are the radiant light that I see
But it leaves no dark shadows behind me
Every single time you and I embrace,
I soar high, to that far, majestic place
Above the clouds, beyond the trails of lace

Your warm, calm gazes from friendly, brown eyes
Make me feel alone with a single bye
When we say good bye I can only sigh

What exactly is this small thing called love
For me, it's as beautiful as a dove
As Noah sent it after his kin's roam
I've too, have finally found my way home
Love's an eternally burning passion
However it still can have some tension
But that is what makes it so wonderful
How it'll rise over all things woeful
Love is one word to describe how I feel
It's just as important as any meal
It's more important than any night's sleep
To gain the chance to dive into the deep
Each moment is something I want to keep

You'll always be my heart's greatest treasure
With nothing else coming close in measure
All I want to say Ms. Katherine Z.,
Is that I shall eternally love you
And yes, that feeling shall always be true

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