Face Down

October 19, 2011
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Screaming won't help,
Lower your voices,

There's no need to hit her,
lower your fists.

Don't make her beg,
tell her to get off her knees,

What happened to forever?
Tell her you're sorry,

Where did this anger come from?
Make it go away,

You fight and yell everyday,
Make it stop.

When you strike her,
I can see her fall.
I am here.

When you push her,
I can see her scream.
I am here.

When you say those mean words,
I can hear her cry.
I am here.

When mom cries,
I can hear her heart break.
I am here.

I'm small,
I know whats going on, don't try to lie.
I am here.

I'm only seven,
I know whats going on, stop forgetting that,
I am here.

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