I'm gay, trust me

October 14, 2011
I'm gay, trust me.
You may not see it, but I do.
The clothes I wear, the way I talk, the things I do are things straight people do too.
Just because I don't fit the stereotype of a lesbian, doesn't mean I'm not.

I am a normal everyday person, a little wild, but normal.
I study. I don't GAY study.
I play soccer, I don't play Gay soccer. You see what I mean?

And how are you suppose to tell me what I am? You just met me. I am not confused. I have known all my life that I was gay. Just how you know you're straight.

I don't mind that you ask me all these questions, it's good you do. I don't want you to assume things. But this doesn't change who I am, it only means I will never go out with you.

I'm gay, trust me.
I know myself,
and I know I am out and proud and happy being gay. (no pun intended)
I am not afraid to speak out for what is right. I deserve equal rights without the stereotypes.
I am a human being, trust me.

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