Aid Me

October 26, 2011
By Toribop SILVER, Pensacola, Florida
Toribop SILVER, Pensacola, Florida
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Succor I plead
Obvious, my languor is
My smile may fool them
But I fear it does not this
Your thoughts are brazon
You live in my mind
So epithets are not needed
Mavolence is what one will find
You slashed my main organ
And one shard followed you
A sheer hole left behind
Thus, you shall feel sorrow too
Time has spaced since our eyes met
Why is it, my eyes you fear?
My pupils can’t reflect you clearly
For they are blurred by tears
I’m distraught by the fact
That my heart still flutters
When your skin touches mine
And melts me like butter
So succor I plead, aid me so
I long to be numb, and forget your face
Wistfully, your in twined in my head
Like a quilts satin lace

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