Spending My Heart

October 26, 2011
Why am I always the one?
Beaten, broken, left alone with my hurt?
They say better to have loved and lost,
Then never to have loved at all,
But what about when you’ve loved too many times?
When you’ve given your heart out so many times
That the threads of it slowly dwindle to none?
When you’ve devoted your all to someone,
Who gave you empty promises
And threw you’re heart away,
Like yesterday’s news?
When you lay spent on the floor
Feeling as empty as the air around you,
Empty as the inbox on your phone?
So empty you can feel you’re heart echoing through your chest,
Trying to find its place through the mess
The mess relationship after relationship has left behind
The hurt never goes away
Just pushes itself back and piles up and up
Until you can practically feel it weighing you down with every step
It hurts to be the kind of person
Who gives their heart away
Fully and completely
With every new guy
Who comes into their life
Because when they walk away
I’m the one,
Left broken with the pain
The girls who never get the guy, think they have it the worst
They sit and envy the girl who always gets the boy that everyone pines for,
But being that girl isn’t always what it seems to be
It appears to be a glamorous life
To always have a new guy by your side
But really do they understand the hurt?
Do they understand the empty feeling that can only seem to be filled,
By guy after guy after guy
And that with every new guy,
Comes a new heartbreak
And just another layer, to the built up pain

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