Socially Inadequate

October 26, 2011
By jessbacher BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
jessbacher BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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It’s all combined to be the worst day-
She thinks and doubts the existence of any sane god
For anyone wouldn’t
And shouldn’t
Hurl someone these curve balls in life.
They all snowball together to form a monstrous rock,
That threatens to knock her effortlessly to the ground.

She refuses to fight back anymore-
Because her struggle for survival has been torn apart by them.
She wishes to surrender to them,
Which will replace the normalcy that she had hastily gulped down.
She wishes for her innocence,
Which she allowed guiltily to slip between her fingers.
Furthermost, she wishes for a stronger consciousness,
Which will help the tears stop their flow at night.

Will anyone realize she contemplates these deep thoughts?
That she embraces the end of this horrid life-
Where the fear of having nothing,
Having to much time,
And no purpose creates an unavoidable bottomless pit;
Emptiness has consumed her.
She is petrified her thoughts are exposed to them,
That being unique is an appalling thing.
She formulates herself to this idea because of their dreadful treatment;
Contemplates it late at night as the pebble accumulates
Until the rock becomes her reality.

Yet, there is a set full of actors-
Even she is one.
They’re oblivious to see that there is more to life,
That being unusual, gay, and shy
Are all distinctive characteristics and they will all have a moment to shine.

Don’t give up a life-
Your life for them,
For they are far from deserving.

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sydney6 said...
on Nov. 4 2011 at 8:11 am
I love it, keep up the good work!!

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