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October 26, 2011
Beyond the trees that lined the field,
Over the never treaded hill,
We discovered our sanctuary
Where we could hear no cries from the door
That dinner was ready,
Or something was our fault.

A place that smelled of spring
In the snowy months
And home when you were

Three princesses of the swamp
Muddy, dirty queens
We triumphed
We conquered
We could never grow up
Our backyard was entirely ours
No man could steal away the
Green slime that lined the shallow shore
Or the water logged bridges, nature made

The middle child, duchess of dirt, brave enough
To saunter ahead of the pack
Trying to fight time and age
To make sure no danger came to her two sisters
What danger could possibly lie,
In the backyard of a 10 year old?
Well the beasts of mortality of course

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