Stars Don't Twinkle

October 26, 2011
By exoskeletaI BRONZE, New City, New York
exoskeletaI BRONZE, New City, New York
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Let the blank canvas fill your cracked foundations
Allow the new sense of sight to take over
I’ve always been a strong believer in fairytales
Believing that with the help of the mind, plus the help of the heart
That anyone could create their own universe
Filled with dazzling stars in the galaxies above
Stars, that are all meant to crash as they fall
Against the sky, as they now act as a pyre
For dreams that have not yet reached their zenith
Such stars have fallen for the dreamers,
But the stars remain for the workers
No, not the realist, but the worker
The person that binds their stars to the sky
To ensure each and every one reaches its possible climax
and turns into new universe
I believe that, the worst illnesses, depression, envy, anger,
Could be cured with a smile
And a reminder that, as long as you live
The stars will stay in their rightful place, just as they do
In fairy tales
As long as you let them

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