Port Aransas

October 26, 2011
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The water is blue and the sky is white
From the sun beaming down.
The people run along the shore line,
Hand in hand with their partner.
The seagulls scrounge the ground
Looking for any traces of dropped food.
Blankets scatter the soft, warm sand
And the lifeless bodies of jellyfish lie,
Half buried by the soft gusts of wind coming in from the Gulf of Mexico.

The town is filled with gift shops on top of gift shops.
Cheap tattoo parlors,
Small restaurants,
Nautical themed hotels.
They fill the town like tourists.
The pizza buffet, not five minutes from the beach,
Has not necessarily the best pizza, but pretty close
As far as pre-made pizza is concerned.

A sketchy tattoo shop has people standing out in front of it.
Some smoke their Paul Malls,
Others stand with a beer in their hand.
They’re all nearly motionless,
Mannequin looking,
Except for the smoke
Slipping smoothly from their lungs
And the beachy breeze blowing their sun Bleached hair.

The gift shop,
With the giant sharks head serving as its Front door,
Is filled with small children laughing and Playing.
A little boy sits on top of it while another Jumps up
To touch every tooth in the giant beast’s Mouth.
Their sandy feet and dirty hands making Movements quicker then their parents can Stop.

A teenage girl stands to the left of the head And stairs,
Holding her baby up to the window,
Watching the other kids play
With a grin on her face that looks like she’s Been through years of suffering
But after one day in the sun, the world is Okay again.
Her small child laughs with the others
As though everyone is just one big joke
And the small and innocent ones are the Only beings that understand it.
A secret.
Meant only for the children to know and Share.

The smell of the ocean drifts its way up to The small town
And the fishy aroma of sea weed fills the Noses
Of everyone around for miles.

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