A Story

October 25, 2011
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Today I shall tell you a story of a man,
Who has been lurking around in this very land,
He had been the world’s biggest fan,
Never refusing to do what it had planned,
So content he was following it along,
While he sung it’s alluring songs,
The alarm in his head had never rung,
So proud he was to be lead by it’s hands,
He had no problem chasing it’s demands.

He was always prepared to hold it’s hands,
So fast did he run when the world made a command,
Like a cheetah he arrived just on time,
Unfortunately, he had missed the signs,
He didn’t see it coming,
Until he woke up one night,
Surrounded by such a sight!
In a desert he had awakened,
He screamed with all his might,
Such a crude joke was played on him that night.

He ran around in disbelief as he swung his hands in the air,
“How is this fair?!”

I scolded him before,
But he needed some more,
“Silly man, how oblivious you are?
The world does not know who you are!
It doesn’t care for your health,
It does not need your wealth!
It has used you to it’s advantage,
Draining your blood away,
Day after day,
And now it is done with you,
Oh how I tried to warn you!”

Till this day he wanders around,
With piles of regret heaved upon his shoulder,
And the guilt of a million crimes,
He did with no purpose or goal,
Following his tragic soul.

So I say to you my fellow friends,
Don’t give in to this world’s torment,
Or you may end up like this poor lad,
Who has very little time before he becomes mad,
Use your intellect,
Your stamina and your wit,
Do not fall into the same deep pit.

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