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October 25, 2011
By T.ann SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
T.ann SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
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Simon says spin
we spin
Simon says cry…
we cry?
Simon says go
But I can’t take it anymore
So I scream, “Hell no!”
and then collapse to the floor
Simon says hide
Instead, I look him in the eyes
‘Cause I still have my pride
last thing I want is the goodbyes
Simon says catch it
But I let it fly on by
‘Cause he has no wit
Yet I have to listen to him? Why?!
Simon says fly
Oh, I only wish I could
Its not fair to stay and try
Oh just think, if I only would
Simon says kill
So I punch him in the face
Well you know that’s not my will
Besides, he just lost the race
Simon says die
As he gets up from the ground
I know he wouldn’t lie
I can tell just by his sound
Simon says leave
Well I don’t mind if I do
But then he catches my sleeve
It’s time for round two

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