Armageddon Sunset

October 25, 2011
By Ariel_Greyse PLATINUM, Hale, Missouri
Ariel_Greyse PLATINUM, Hale, Missouri
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Day unending.
Life unbending.
Outside my window, the world has ended.
All is falling.
God is calling.
And what am I,
but waiting, stalling?
Angels fall from Heaven high.
Some forgive,
and others lie.
What am I?
But Pandora’s hope,
to live forever in frozen smoke.
These messengers of the Messiah rise,
but still as man, we compromise!
And still I watch as ices burn,
and children watch, but never learn.
And Mom? And Dad?
It’s just their turn.
And who am I?
The endless dreamer.
Stitching times forever seamless.
And where am I,
but gone in smoke?
You see this dark!
I’m not alone!
You take my hand,
we brave this sand,
and into the fire,

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