October 27, 2011
By Joseph81 BRONZE, Dededo, Other
Joseph81 BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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Strangers Back to Strangers
We start out strangers not knowing what’s next,
Then we become friends over a welcoming text.
Next I get a text asking to go on a date.
I am excited, and I hope my mother would not make me late.
We like each other for who we are.
Never leave each others’ hearts,
We’re just like a scar.
It finally happens, from singles, to a relationship.
We’re on the boat of love hoping that it won’t tip.
We talk big and act like we’re going to be together forever,
But nowadays, the word forever seems like never.
We get into fights almost every night,
And ever couple knows fights aren’t right.
We seem to see in the other direction,
And there it was the end of our relation.
We become friends again, but not for long,
Because in the end,
We realized we should have stayed strangers all along.

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