I Wish This Is What You Said

October 27, 2011
I regret all of the things I have said,
I regret all of the things I have done.
But, what I regret the most?
What came out of my mouth,
When we were done.
It's a hard thing to grasp,
That you can still hate yourself
Even after the problem is a lost song.
But, this is what I have to say,
And, I'm sorry it took this long:

I'm sorry for all of the things I told people about you.
About things that weren't even true.
I'm sorry I ran you out of the school,
Without even saying adieu.
I'd like to tell you this in person,
But I'm afraid of what you'd think of me.
I'd like to tell everyone the truth,
Except, I don't have any dignity.
But, if I had any left within,
A mailbox, I'd be shoving this letter in.

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RedFeather said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 4:33 pm

I'm not sure exactly what this poem is about - not that it's unclear. Is it betraying a friend? It makes me think of me and my best friend. We met in second grade and did everything together. Then, in third grade, there was a new girl, and I felt sorry for her because she had no friends in the class, so I talked with her. I found out that we had lots in common, but my best friend got jealous or something. I'm not sure how it went after that - just that there were a lot of rumors about me goin... (more »)

hopelessly_hopeless replied...
Nov. 12, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Long story... 


This girl told me that she was raped... So, I incessantly told her that she must tell an adult figure... Someone that can do something about it. Anyways, she refused to, and told me that she was a "big girl" and that she "can handle this." So, I "accidentally" showed my mother(who's a mandated reporter) and she told the principal and so on. This girl told everyone in the school that I made up a rumor that she was raped(which is complet... (more »)

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