Into Sky

October 27, 2011
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Gorgeous, starry Sky.
So alluring,
but so unattainable without
Planes or jets.
The girl thinks at her open window.
Sometimes she wonders
wonders what if
the Sky is the floating Eden
that God would never
let us back into.
We can all taste paradise for a few hours
in a jet or a plane
we have to come

But I want Sky,
whispers the girl,
itching to dance with
and Stars
and Clouds.
How many?
The girl wonders.
How many people
just like me
have stared into the sky one night
and felt this unrequited urge
to fly out there, free.


she is filled
with a girlish excitement.
someone must have done it,
out of the millions who wanted it so desperately.
must have flown.

And within a moment,
she is up on her feet,
jumping like she will die
her soul with wilt
without jumping.

I know I can.

Jumping, jumping, jumping.

I know I can!

Jumping, jumping, jumping.

I will!

And then,
right when her feet are about to hit the ground
they stay.
Right where they are
one fraction of an inch
in the air.
She gasps.

I’m so close.

And so her toes start wiggling
her feet start kicking
her arms start pumping
her teeth start grinding


something gives way, and she
floats into the sky.
It is not
a dream
or a fantasy
or a hallucination,
it is simply what is.

She has been reborn unto herself,
free of earthly chains.

I am.

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Zammy101 said...
Nov. 15, 2011 at 8:39 pm
Great poem! love how you say that you change things if you dont like the way they are
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