Mental Bullying

October 23, 2011
By DarkAvenue SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
DarkAvenue SILVER, Marengo, Iowa
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The Past. Its Done. Unchangable. Forget about it.

Making wounds without a mark.
Easy enough to write it off.
Never knowing the damage it causes.
Taking every word like a punch.
Always hoping it will get better.
Losing every ounce of pride.
But having strength to go on.
Using words like knives to cut you.
Lashing and stabbing with everyone spoke.
Laughing is all the bystanders do.
You hold your head up as high as it'll go.
Inside you're torn up and hurt.
Needing someone on your side.
Going on and on, will it ever stop?

The author's comments:
This Poem is about Mental Bullying and all the pain it causes, and what it feels like.

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