October 23, 2011
By Anonymous

A cat screams… for lack of love, a family, a home. It yells for the wet matted fur, the rotten toenails and for the broken glass in its paws. No one hears it.
A dog screams… it yelps for the blood smeared on its nose, for the scars on its face, for the limp in its right leg. No one hears it.
A baby screams… it yells for the mother that does not care for it, for the dirty sheets, the terrible cough, and the wretched thirst. No one hears it.
A parent screams… it cries for the pain, for the burning inside them, for the blood and bile vomited onto the bathroom floor. No one hears it.
A cat falls silent
A dog falls silent
A baby falls silent
A parent falls silent
Bills go unpaid.
No power, no water, no lights, no air.
The house is taken…
Found: dead cat, dead dog, dead baby, dead parent.
They are quiet, but people listen.
The world has heard them but it is too late.
Because silence is just that loud.

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