Internal War

October 23, 2011
There's a war going on in me
Against my hart my brain and my soul
This war can only be won by one
This war is to last a life time
Not A life time but my life
The hart wants love
The brain wants knowledge
And the soul wants peace
They say love doesn't think
They say the brain doesn't feel
They say the soul doesn't exist
This battle is ripping me apart
I know that love comes and goes on that there will be more people out there
Is that just my brain talking
Or is it the truth
You understand my struggle between
Love and Since
And this is ripping my soul in two
The soul is the personality of a person
What is my personality
If my heart and brain can't agree
This battle is tarring me apart and taking away what i was
What I am
And what I will be
This is the problem
This internal struggle will never have seas fire till I am dead
Were my heart and soul and brain can be in peace

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