October 23, 2011
By OMGaPINKturtle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
OMGaPINKturtle BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Creativity is literally my enemies' medicine. You's fed to them repetitively. The Penacillin Vaccination keeps them safe from me, unintentionally. In the middle of greatness but sick with writer's block. I was at the peak of the slump, i was the sheik of the slums, the millionaire bum, i was the most of the none, the sharpest blunt weapon, i was the winged devil. But now its gone, bars like bullets, through cerebral membranes. Fluid spillin out, coolin the ground underneath my shoes, they, shoot for villains decapatating heads and nullifying slow minds as they fly through the air breaking barriers of time. The sinical criminal is dead, my creativity killed him. Writer's block is dead...everybody rejoice!

The author's comments:
Wrote it about writers block.

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