Shout to the Mind

October 25, 2011
Lead me with your brown eyes
To a place far within myself
Run ahead of me;
Your long dark hair dancing in the wind.
Make me chase you,
Deeper and deeper into my mind;
And then stop.
Crawl into a corner
And become one with the walls of my thoughts.
Leave me in the dust, panting.
Treat it like a game of hide and seek.

You do this, and it angers me...

I yell to you!
I scream to you!
But no matter how I try, I cannot find you
"I don't want you here!" I scream.
I cry out profanities.
"You don't belong here!" I shout

But you never hear my screams and shouts...
Because in reality, you were never aware you were there
To begin with.

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