A Gift of Feeling

October 25, 2011
By CaitlinK GOLD, Spearfish, South Dakota
CaitlinK GOLD, Spearfish, South Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.
- Vincent van Gough

Closed eyes,
silent lips.
My face calm
like the ocean
when there is
absoulutely no
breeze. A
pillow underneath
my still head;
I try to sleep
but sleep won't
come. I have you
on my mind.
Questioning my
every thought
of what your
velvety voice
has ever said
to my gulliable
ears. It seems
like you can
form only lies
on your deep
pale lips. Your
embrace has
me searching
for warmth
when I can
only feel
a dark cold
waft around
me. Every
time we
touch, your
hands sends
shivers down
my spine.
Coldness is
followed by
an excruciating
pain to my
once broken
heart. I
thought you
would be
the one
to rescue me
from heartache.
Now I realize
that your
signals were
opposite in
what they
really had
meant. You
turned my
heart into
stone. My
sould had
been captured
by your
misleading lies.
Never again
would I be
able to
figure out
what love
really is.
When I fall,
I fall hard.
And nobody
is there to
catch me.
There isn't
a day where
I don't doubt
if there will
be someone
to find me
for who I
really am
and understands
all the pain,
stress, and
anxiety I've
felt. I need
someone not
only with a
but a really
good companionship.
A best friend
is what I need.
A person who
cares is what
I need.
A person with
a heart of
gold is what
I really need.

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